A go hub like problem


So last night I was using go hub forums, and I reached my daily limit of likes, it saying “try again in 30 mins”. An hour later, I give out two likes and it says “you have reached the limit of likes. Try again in 15 hours”. So then now, way over 15 hours later, I give out 5 likes and it tells me to try in another 15 hours! This is ridiculous! Help?


No, it’s not ridiculous. What’s ridiculous is that you try to give so many likes… :sunglasses::sunglasses:


As you can see, know-it-all, I haven’t given out too many likes and when I wait for them to refresh they almost instantly go again. That’s my problem


I’m not a “know it all”… don’t insult me.


Ok then smart-Alec


Anyone with actual support here?


Well, beside the obvious answer that if you run out of likes you obviously liked to many things.
Loads of people here just spam like on whatever they see instead of likeing only stuff thats usefull/ment to be liked. Like tech support answers @bagguille just gave you. You should like his answer, instead of responding aggresively.


If you give a ton of likes one day you will get not many the next day :wink:.


He is a moderator, he probably knows the reason


I don’t spam likes as a general rule.


I don’t spam likes, but I do give alot.

So some days I can give more than others.


I gave out my first like on this thread.


I never thought that will ever happen. :rofl:


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: WOW!!!

It has been a year and a half…

@bobbyjack8 a few more likes for instance, (like this) would promote you to a regular which would unlock more of the forun for you.



Not everything needs a like, BUT it does show you support that post. Maybe try and post your thanks if can’t actually like. but it not ridiculous to like/support anyone on here. It is ridiculous to think its ridiculous :face_vomiting:


I upped the limit but you are possibly the first person to post this issue @SnivyStar
I would also kindly ask that you not have such a sharp toungue with moderators. It doesn’t bode well for getting your way if you do such things.