90% of my City Spoof


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You sure others werent in the buildings?


It was a open field, also they admit they spoof on the whatsapp group.

The whatsapp group allow spoof and legit players.

Last night they took the whole city as well


Oh lol…


Red Nation stand up.


At least you have a ton of gyms


Good thing you brought that up, wtf is that? Not even NYC or SF have THIS dense Gym network, right?


Google map code is



Red nation sit back down, 80% of you hack


Like i care.


Then they get banned


Lol, you believe spoofers get banned? how cute :smile:


Talking nonsense.


Team Valor for the win!!!
I believe it’s still unfair tho.


They do, but the only time we’ll hear about it is when many of them get banned


Trust me, they dont
My level 29 test-spoof account got like 10 softbans already, visited over 15 countries, and still nothing


That could be because you waited an amount of time to get to that country, and also,most people who spoof have 0% idea on how to spoof.


As Ive said, it already got multiple softbans

You trigger a softban by doing two location based things in a too short ammount of time and too close to eachother (like not waiting two hours before doing something in Japan)


It takes maybe like 15-20 softbans to get perma banned


I heard spoofers keep this game alive so they wont mass ban them. Only soft ban