100th day, 1000th like, thank you all


I HIT IT IN EXACTLY 100 DAYS!!!:scream:

I would like to thank all of you, for making this community a nice place, for all those likes, etc. :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you!!

image Just wanted to share this.


Wow, ace coincidence!


Well done!


Yay I got the 1000th like for you


Congrats @bagguille, I saw you reached it either. Well done!! :clap:t2:


@pokemon @jordworm thanks for likes I gave all mine out again today mainly to you two


Perhaps I meant ‘100th day, 1100th like’? :smile:


No problems


Mine says I ve like you the most Andy you’ve liked me the most Andy Pokémon is second for both them so my and josh hack


No-one likes me :sob::sob:


Me neither look at mine


Congratulations! Awesome @jormdeworm .


I liked your post.


I think your likes given:recieved ratio is lower than mine (you’ve recieved more likes per like you’ve given than I have)


Well, 632 isn’t less either.


Its cus i dont post screenshots in the community cp increase


O my god you well have many places to be like a pokemon miraculously walks o my god why is that I do not like so much


What about mine ? I have a really sad ratio no one likes my posts that much


You have 1 like for every 2.9 likes given.
Mine is at 2.2 so we’re not far apart
But i kinda spam likes


Same I even go over the daily limit and keep on going.